Vcard is the industry standard for managing contact information and can be imported by most mailers or PIM software. Csv2vcard can translate csv contact information files in any valid format. It does not depend on a particular language or application.

To get started right away, you can just click this link and start translating ... if you trust me not to steal your addresses. Frankly, I would not do that. I'd instead download the package and open that same page (csv2vcard.html) right from my own computer. Whatever you do, I hope you find some use in csv2vcard.

Please, send me you assignmet files. I'll include them to my release of csv2vcard to provide built in support for more formats. Currently only the german, english and french M$ Outlook csv export can be automatically translated to vcard. But new formats can be easily handled using the user interface for determining which data should go where. Csv2vcard will lead you through the translation process. The only thing you have to know is english and the language of the csv file you try to convert. The vcard format is optimized for evolution. Other PIM software might not be able to parse all the vcard entries. Any correctly implemented vcard parser should still be able to read the most important parts, and many will be able to read most of the vcard fields.

If you want support for more specific vcard formats, if you want to send me your assignment files, if you want to praise my magnificent csv2vcard or report one of the ample bugs in that trashy peace of code or want to contact me for any other purpose ... Please use the project page at SourceForge Logo


sreenshot of csv2vcard